“Bringing the future of joint surgery to you today”

Joint Preservation Surgery is a specialty concept that Dr.Kodkani has pioneered, introduced and propagated in India.

Sports activities involve pushing ones joint functions to the maximum. An injury results in compromised functioning of the joint. Accurate complete diagnosis for the cause of dysfunction, selecting the appropriate treatment option and expertized execution of a management plan is the key to getting one back to their sport at a pre-injury level.

Our goal is to preserve natural biology of the joint by restoring structure and thus function back to normal. Various advanced techniques for repair, restoration or reconstruction are used to reach this goal. Neglected joint ailments may culminate into a need for artificial joint replacement. Our aim is to address the issues early and in a timely manner using the latest technology of joint preservation procedures available to us, thus avoiding the need for a joint replacement.

Young sporting individuals and physically active elders may not always be suited for a joint replacement procedure. This is because it can restrict activities and function due to loss of natural biology of the joint. Dr.Kodkani therefore believes in advocating joint preservation procedures as the primary option wherever suitable. These procedures help in retaining the natural structure of a joint and restore normal pain-free function to it. The procedures are less invasive with lower risk of complications. Some are ‘arthroscopic’ procedures, which are minimally invasive, suture-less, keyhole surgeries and may be even day care procedures.