Joint Preservation

Joint Preservation Surgery

Sports injuries, other joint trauma, neglect of injuries over prolonged periods and degenerative conditions like arthritis can lead to dysfunction & disabling abnormalities within the joint.
These joint abnormalities result in symptoms like pain, limitation of movements, swelling, deformities, instability, clicking, locking within joints.
Joint preservation procedures include all procedures ranging from non-invasive methods, injections, arthroscopic, minimally invasive or open surgical procedures. These procedures include treatments to relieve symptoms and restore normalcy to the joint and avoid the need for a joint replacement.
The surgical procedures would include repairs, reconstructions, restorations, realignments or restructuring of joints with biologic methods to regain normalcy.
Latest modalities of treatment and newer technologies including the selective permissible use of stem cells and growth factors benefit this treatment modality in scientifically proven & indicated conditions.