Footballer’s Ankle

Anterior ankle impingement or as commonly known, the Footballer’s Ankle is caused due to repeated ankle sprains or bone spurs that form in the anterior profile of the ankle joint, limiting the range of motion and causing pain and inflammation. Excessive kicking, bending and stretching actions lead to the formation of bone spurs, i.e. bony growth on the frontal aspect of the ankle. The spurs begin to collide and grind against each other and damage the soft tissues between them, causing chronic pain. It usually occurs in sports which involve kicking and manoeuvring like football and hence the name, Footballer’s ankle.

Common Symptoms of Footballer’s ankle:

  • A bony lump over the ankle
  • Limited range of motion and pinching sensation across the front of the ankle
  • Clicking of the ankle bones while moving
  • Weakness in the ankle while lifting weights
  • Tenderness in the tissues when pressed

Treatment Options:

  • If the bony growth is small, it can be fixed with therapeutic exercises and a proper rehabilitation program or injections.
  • However, overgrown bone spurs may require arthroscopic treatement.